Mr. Nathan


In an age where snide irony pervades both mainstream and indie counter-culture, sincerity is Mr. Nathan's strong suit. His earnest and straightforward lyrics sung over simple folk chord progressions tell charming stories of love, longing, and sensitivity. Mr. Nathan is a true romantic: a straight-ahead story teller in the vein of songwriters like Randy Newman or Townes Van Zandt, and a composer who owes no small debt to the likes of Chopin or Debussy. This artist doesn't mind if he's seen as being sappy or over-sentimental. Mr. Nathan is in it for the love.

Mr. Nathan began playing music at an early age in a certain mid-west town. At 18 he headed west to California, where he studied music theory and composition in college. After crisscrossing the country for most of the last decade, this semi- nomadic songsmith settled in New York City to work with Mochi House on his debut EP, For The Love. His true identity is known only to those closest to him, but we'll never tell.

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